Bitcoin’s November moves brings $10K in sights

What was one of the biggest selling items over the Thanksgiving weekend?

Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency jumped from a low of $7,980 on Wednesday to $9,732 early Monday morning.The 18 percent rise began in earnest on Friday evening in the US. The Black Friday spike continued throughout the weekend and saw a minor pullback after Asian securities markets closed.

This latest price spike culminates a 39% move higher over the last two weeks in bitcoin.

A $10,000 bitcoin price could come as early as Tuesday when Asian markets open around 9pm EST US. I say this on the belief through trading volumes that Asia has the largest trading community by volume.

Whether that community comprises enthusiastic amateurs or professionals trading for corporate entities is not clear at this time. However the euphoria in price moves clearly shows higher demand there then in any other part of the globe.

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