Separating Q wheat from 8-Chan chaff

This post is for those who are not aware of the Q-Anon phenomenon and for those who confuse it with the 8-Chan bulletin board.

While Q does post his drops on the 8Chan board, it is only used as an unrestricted means of communicating without fear of censorship or takedown. The drops represent real-time intelligence of the Trump administration.

The proofs of inside knowledge from Q drops are countless and present far too many examples to be coincidental in nature. As Q has posted numerous time: “At what point does it become mathematically impossible?” for the information to be coincidental.

A perfect example of this was the drop on July 27 12018 showing a photo of ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page in her only trip to London in 2016 to see the information amassed by English spy agencies against the Trump campaign. She is photographed with her ex-lover FBI lead investigator Peter Strzok.

How does that photo (see below) become available to be posted unless Q has the ability to access intelligence files?

And of course it has the tag line of “when does a bird sing?” which was exactly what Ms. Page was doing at the time. Testifying before grand jury and also to closed congressional panels as to what she knew about the bogus Russian collusion probe.

So does Q-Anon’s credibility suffer from those he say he posts on 8-Chan where many posts are anti-Semitism and misogyny.

Yes there are plenty of them on 8-Chan and the nomenclature is at best rude and at the worst disgusting and a complete turn off to any newbie venturing onto the site.

That being said there is also some high-quality research being dropped often prodded by Q posts on 8-Chan. The important posts are labeled notables are can be found without scrolling through all the chaff that gives 8-Chan its Internet ghetto label.



7 thoughts on “Separating Q wheat from 8-Chan chaff

    • FYI forgot to add…on the Qmap/spreadsheet sites will automatically reset to Q posts when anons do their searches. Qmap is a treasure of info. Enjoy


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