FBI’s Strzok and Page texts helped uncover Pence’s staff spying

Following up on Monday’s exclusive about Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Josh Pitcock being used by disgraced ex-FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his lover ex-FBI Attorney Lisa Page to spy on President Trump.

Pitcock is married to Katherine Seaman. Seaman worked for the FBI and prior to the election worked with both Strzok and Page on the Hillary Clinton email probe, which ultimately exonerated Clinton.

Pitcock, who worked for Pence as an aide when he was an Indiana congressman, stepped down from his chief of staff role just six months after the inaugural.

The timing of his leaving is very curious, since at the same time Pitcock left the administration Special Counsel Robert Mueller is shown by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz all of the texts between Strzok and Page.

I believe the evidence of Pitcock being involved with Strzok and Page through his wife Seaman are what forced him out of the Trump administration.

Now the question is what did Pence know about this. Surely he would be aware that Pitcock was married to a FBI investigator. Pitcock stayed in DC when Pence moved from the House and became Governor of Indiana to be with his wife. Pence gave him a position in DC serving as the state’s lobbyist.

Time will tell on Pence’s role in this. The only other evidence I have, which I referenced in Monday’s post, id that Pence’s wife Karen did get a note at George Bush’s funeral.


5 thoughts on “FBI’s Strzok and Page texts helped uncover Pence’s staff spying

  1. Thanks for following thru’ the maze to help us understand what has been going on!! Bill Still thinks Nikki Haley should be the next VP!! 😉


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  3. President Trump and Justice Department. I have heard of and followed the taking downof the past presidents and deep stat skins. I pray you all are DSFE ON GODS CARE AND ACCOMPLISH IT THROUGHLY. I SO VERY MUCH THANK YOU. SHEILA JAMES. RETIRED SENIOR


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