Trump hangs up DNI Coats

Big doings came over the weekend as Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats will step down and be replaced by Texas Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe wasted no time jumping into the fray, as he told Fox News Sunday morning he looked forward to working with Attorney General William Barr and others to uncover crimes committed by Obama White House officials.

Coats, who President Trump bypassed in the process of declassifying documents, was seen as dragging his feet to allegedly protect former DNI James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan.

Ratcliffe was very critical of Special Counsel Robert Mueller during his testimony last week in front of the two House panel the Texas Republican sat on.

“I think the first thing we need to do is make sure we don’t do what the Democrats have done,” the Texas Republican told Fox host Maria Bartiromo.

“They accused Donald Trump of a crime and then they try and reverse engineer a process to justify that accusation. So I’m not going to accuse any specific person of any specific crime, I just want there to be a fair process to get there. What I do know as a former federal prosecutor is that it does appear that there were crimes committed during the Obama administration,” he added.


3 thoughts on “Trump hangs up DNI Coats

  1. Here is the problem of the national security state we became in the 1940s, a state that Senator Robert Taft feared. We have no idea of half the things our security agencies are doing and most of our Potomac Poloniuses don’t want to know. Example: Harry Truman signed NSC-68, a virtual declaration of war on that devious Soviet Union, just as the Korean War broke out and yet it wasn’t even revealed until some 20 years later! The national security state, the welfare/warfare state, is not only far big, it is far too instrusive and it is doing things that we won’t even know about for generations to come. Less government and, decentralization are vitally needed. Will Trump or the interestingly collectivist Democrats in Congress going to do anything about the danger to American liberty? Lo dudo


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