I don’t ♥ the new “We ♥ NYC’’ logo

How desperate are the New York Dems?

Both Governor Kathy Hochul and NYC Mayor Eric Adams that they have bastardized a world the famous “I ♥  NY’’ logo in a classic font by award-winning designer Milton Glaser.

The new slogan “We ♥  NYC’’ logo in a heavier, less elegant font (Please excuse me but I am also a print designer during my career in newspapers) is just wrong.

This is why the Democrats don’t create, but denigrate what is fundamental.

There really is no comparison between the classic 1977 design on top and the new copycat version.

“Only two types of people on the globe: those who live in New York and those who wish they could,” said Adams at a Times Square press conference to unveil the new logo.

“I Love New York was a message to the rest of the world. ‘We Love New York City’ is a message to all of you,’’ Hochul said. “The people who have stayed here, who never gave up, who do believe that New York City’s greatest days do lie ahead.’’

The only thing these two campaigns have in common is that the city both times the new logos were deployed was in terrible shape economically and crime ridden.

Besides the other problem with the new logo is you can no longer put it on tens of millions plastic shopping bags, which would give it some functionality.


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