De Blasio’s utter (redacted) failure in one murder

(Editor’s note: I had to edit this story a second time to redact the profanity I used to express my outrage. It’s a poor man’s way of argument, but at some point enough is enough.)

How harmed is New York City at the end of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s term? Words cannot explain it fully but actions can. Case in point is the Thanksgiving Day fatal stabbing of a 36-year-old man outside (redacted) Penn Station at (redacted) 6PM.

A little context for readers unfamiliar with Midtown Manhattan. This (redacted) killing took place across the street from Macy’s and one block from where the parade acts perform for the broadcast.

Penn Station is the key transit hub where spectators from New Jersey, Long Island and city subway commuters would go to view the parade.

The exact murder location, hours earlier, is where police muster to get their assignments for the day. That is how close the parade is.

If you were one of the families — not many go to the parade without kids in tow — and listened to Mayor-elect Eric Adams telling you spend time after the parade to support NYC businesses, well then you may be dodging a (redacted) murder scene on the way home. It was only 6PM.

How’s that for a (redacted) utterly complete failure of government. If government cannot keep your children safe from harm then what is the need for it. I would say viewing a dead body on the sidewalk is harmful.

The details of the murder remain unknown. However, even if it was two homeless people, there had to be a big enough police presence to advert this from happening.

The mayor believes it is inhumane to have horse-drawn carriages in Central Park, but only gives lip service to murder on the streets as the brave ones from the suburbs dipped their toe into the NYC waters by venturing back into the city after BLM riots and CoVid-19 lock downs.

I commend these parents for trying to give their children the rich experiences they had going into Manhattan as a child. But this is not THAT (redacted) city. I can only empathize with these parents and the tough questions they had to field on the commute home.

This murder, which gets two paragraphs in the newspaper, is so emblematic of the horrendous progressive policies de Blasio has instituted over the last three years that has taken Manhattan to even lower lows than ex-Mayor David Dinkins could ever imagine.

Forget about the (redacted) “Baby Yoda” balloon, little John’s or Julia’s only memory of the parade will be the body they saw on the sidewalk on the way home.