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Cuomo’s last week in office?

And so goes another day where New Yorkers will not get more information of the state’s Covid-19 recovery.

On Sunday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was pressured by the leading Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins demanding his resignation.

“New York is still in the midst of this pandemic and is still facing the societal, health and economic impacts of it. We need to govern without daily distraction,” Stewart-Cousins said.

Cuomo now faces allegations from five women about his inappropriate behavior with female staffers. Chances are he will not hold a news conference today, given the circumstances. So another day goes by where New Yorkers will not get information about opening up the economy further. All the numbers, including hospitalizations, new cases and deaths, are falling.

But the governor cannot comment on how well New Yorkers have fought off the virus because he would face further questions about the two scandals he is facing: Sexual harassment and nursing home deaths charges.

Cuomo did aver Sunday that he will not resign. “I am not going to resign because of allegations,” Cuomo told reporters yesterday. “There is no way I resign.”

He then reiterated that he was sorry if the women charging him took his actions the wrong way. Unbelievable that Cuomo would still be blaming the victims for his brutish behavior.

So to wrap it up. If all this happen on Sunday, then I do not see Cuomo making it to Friday. Just my humble opinion.