Rep. Devin Nunes tweet shows Rep. Maxine Waters lunatic fringe followers

Who in their right mind would A) listen to Rep Waters’ directive and say she has a good idea and then B) follow-up on it the next day by shadowing one of the more powerful Republicans in Congress?
Someone who could be a danger to others and perhaps himself? I would say that is a good possibility.
And for the Congressman to ask his followers this question: “Anyone know this dude? Kept chasing me around the Capitol with a camera phone today…please RT” shows he felt more than annoyed by the situation.
So Monday was a camera phone, what could Tuesday bring?
The Democratic leadership should do more than ignore Rep. Waters’ remarks, she should be rebuked and censored on the House floor for her stupid actions before a smart phone becomes a more lethal weapon.
EDITED: So this broke 35 minutes after I posted this:
BREAKING: GOP Lawmakers Introduce Censure Measure, Call On Maxine Waters To Resign amid her call for violence against Trump supporters
I say have at it. She deserves it.

Mueller to do about face and eye Dems role in FISA warrant

The end of the constitutional crisis may be at hand.

I’m speaking about the Democratic Party and its complicit approval from President Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton of openly spying on candidate Donald Trump, President-elect Trump and President Trump. Continue reading

FBI used Trump Tower blaze to snoop on Trump: WH source

The FBI raids on President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen took the legs out of the market on Monday. As news broke at about 3:10PM, the Dow dropped 310 points into the close.

However the talk around the White House pointed to the coincidence of a fire at Trump Tower over the weekend just prior to this take down of Trump’s lawyer. Continue reading

Tarmac Troika to topple Tariff Tantrum

As I wrote the last two days, here and then here, the Gary Cohn departure from the White House would be a non event as far as market reaction.

I am told that this event will also be lost in Washington as far bigger news will come out over the weekend. Continue reading

Dow volatility may soon rival bitcoin’s price moves


What the hell is going on in the stock market this week?

The Dow Jones index had a 1,000 point or 3% ride on Friday before settling up 330 points up 1.4%. over the course of the 5 days of trading there was a 6% range from highs to lows. Continue reading