There will be Five (black) Eyes when FISA docs are released

==================== SPECIAL SATURDAY POST =================

Next week should be a monumental time for the White House providing of course SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh can get his Senate vote over and be confirmed.

President Trump cannot pull the trigger on releasing the FISA report giving him clear cover to fire Asst. AG Rod Rosenstein until that happens. The president will not jeopardize his SCOTUS pick with a backlash in the Senate.

Don’t you find it ironic that foreign governments including Britain, Australia and perhaps New Zealand would protest the release of the FISA documents? Congress doesn’t know what is contained in the unclassified version, yet the spy operations of these countries know.

It appears the Five Eyes spy program (Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US) where these countries spy on the others citizens to get around privacy violations was used to spy on President Trump’s campaign.

Needless to say all these moves by the president on the declassification of the FISA application has had ex-Obama officials scurrying for cover and the intelligence picked up by the panic attacks has been priceless for future prosecution.

And it appears Rosenstein is the odd-man out since the president will not take a meeting with him and ex-Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch recorded his four recent calls with him.

So I will be in London next week, but will have my eyes peeled on what is going down in the US as well as there. Here’s hoping for no tech wreck in my travels.



Trump getting push back from Brits, DS to not release FISA documents

This may be a great example of the Panic in US and Panic in UK, but don’t blink Mr. President.

There are too many consequences for not releasing the documents. Besides exonerating your campaign, what negative impact besides exposing Obama administration officials in fraud and worse could there be?

Counting on DOJ IG Horowitz to see clear to release the FISA application and documents.

New NSA IG is well aware of FISA-gate

It appears Robert Storch the newly appointed Inspector General for the NSA will become a major player in the Washington DC drama that will play out once the FISA application documents are declassified and released.

Storch comes out of the Justice Department Inspector General’s office headed up by Michael Horowitz, which means he will hit the ground running in the investigation of the Obama administration’s compliance with the Clinton presidential campaign to undermine the Trump campaign with the false Russian Dossier.

Storch will have access to and can supply all communications between White House officials and the Clinton campaign. These communications will Include the cozy meeting between Bill Clinton and Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the Phoenix tarmac.

This meeting — to talk allegedly about the grandkids —  reportedly had a phone participant in the Oval Office, which the NSA would have the transcripts to prove.

Could this chat have focused on getting Lynch on board with — when the time came — to launch an investigation through the DOJ and FBI when the Russian Dossier was completed. Was the Oval Office participant on the line to make sure Lynch knew this came from her boss?

Well I may have more than is known, but I believe this is why Storch’s appointment should be noted.

Trump uses Obama’s Executive Order to declassify FISA application: Hoist by his own petard

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s efforts to halt the presidential request to release the declassified Carter Page FISA application has been thwarted by his boss AG Jeff Sessions.

Rosenstein apparently had many reasons to quash the release none of them lawful, most of the reasons centered on covering up lawlessness within the Obama Justice Department and FBI.

While President Trump neglected to cite as the reason for the declassification it ironically goes back to a Obama executive order 13526 signed in 2009. This is why he used the phrase “for reasons of transparency” in his directive.

The EO details reasons for prohibiting classified documents.

Executive Order 13526 Sec 1.7 “Classification Prohibitions and Limitations.

(a) In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:

(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;

(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;

(3) restrain competition; or

(4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.”

I say ironically because President Trump is able to use a Obama directive to unseal documents, which shows violations of law, which at the very least, will cause embarrassment to his administration.

The line from “Hamlet” hoist by his own petard seems to apply here quite well. Its literal meaning: the bombmaker blew himself up.

I don’t see Rosenstein being employed by the Justice Department much longer. Once the documents are released AG Sessions will fire him for cause. Taking the highly partisan politics out of the debate.

Trust Sessions to shine sunlight on unredacted FISA documents

As I wrote on Tuesday, the ramifications of the glorious Constitutional Day of September 17th announcement to declassify the FISA application documents, I neglected one big move.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has notified Supreme Court Chief Judge John Roberts and Associate Judge Clarence Thomas that he no longer is recusing himself in the Russian collusion matters.

I assume upon release of the FISA documents relating to Carter Page, Sessions will announce that a non-partisan probe has concluded the Trump administration had no involvement with the Russians during the 2016 election and that he as chief law enforcement officer in the US will now pursue charges against the Obama administration for its complicit actions to sway the election for Hillary Clinton.

The Sessions recusal was really about allowing and documenting the illegal actions of those in the Department of Justice and FBI to continue unimpeded. Then once there was sufficient documentation of the systemic rot within the upper levels of both agencies the hammer dropped.

How do I know this is true? Look at the reactions from Democrats to the Trump announcement on declassifying the FISA documents. They use words like UNLAWFUL, DANGEROUS, LAWLESS, PROFOUND ALARM. For the Dems all these words ring true, but for Americans allowing sunlight in can only help disinfect these treasonous acts.

In a letter addressed to Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, Rod Rosenstein, Asst. Attorney General and Christopher Wray, FBI Director, Sens. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Mark Warner along with Rep. Adam Schiff deplore the intelligence chiefs to ignore the presidential directive.

And then the letter goes on to say that “the Gang Of Eight,” referring to themselves and others “should be briefed in person.” Really, you want to call yourself the Gang of Eight? Are you an offshoot of MS-13?

While many say Rosenstein is history if he bucks the president’s order on declassifying the FISA application, it is no longer his call. Sessions will be the president’s point man now. That’s why he communicated with SCOTUS.

It’s all about Sessions now. Trust Sessions.