Bronx judge let’s nut-job professor out, no bail

The deranged Hunter College professor, who allegedly verbally and physically threatened pro-life students on campus and two days later brandished a machete when a New York Post reporter asked for her side of the story, has been released with no bail.

No bail, no psych evaluation, and no admonishment. No, there was even applause when Shellyne Rodriguez, 45, made her first court appearance in Bronx Criminal Court, where she was arraigned on charges of menacing and harassment.

At Thursday’s court hearing, the judge however did issued two orders of protections against Rodriguez for the reporter and photographer she threatened.

Rodriguez told Students for Life volunteers that they’re “not educating s–t” and called their pamphlets “propaganda” before throwing them on the floor, video shows.

Rodriguez was fired from her adjunct position at Hunter College after the altercation with the Post reporter and photographer became public. However, the School of Visual Arts — where she also worked as a professor — was reviewing her employment.

In an ironic twist, Rodriguez is suing the NYPD, claiming officers abused her when she was arrested in the Bronx while trying to leave a protest over the murder of George Floyd in June 2020.

Rodriguez, who is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, claims she suffered nerve damage from being zip-tied too tightly when she was nabbed and put in a prisoner van with 14 other protesters.