Stock indices may be hinting at days of redemption

Is there a redemption problem hitting the major indices?

All the major indices saw sharp declines on the open of Nov. 15th, which is the deadline for most hedge funds investors to put in orders to pull out some cash. Continue reading


Bitcoin: Digital gold for troubled times

Bitcoin made another 10+% jump on Thursday to bounce off of $7,998.

While the news coming out during the day was good for the crypto with financial forms lining up to get behind bitcoin, there is more to the 30% price rebound over the last three days than what’s out there. Continue reading

Square’s circling the cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin got a huge leg up on Wednesday as Square Cash, a mobile money-transfer service, said it will allow some users to buy bitcoin directly from its mobile app.

The price of bitcoin soared to new record highs on the news as well as Square as its shares hit a 52-week high on the news. Continue reading

Jeff Immelt’s DC love affair costs GE shareholders dearly

Well now we have a clearer pitcher of what former GE chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt was doing toward the end of his executive run.

He was blowing up a great company and screwing over the US economy at the same time. Quite an achievement for a former X-ray machine salesman. Continue reading

Bitcoin battles the Barbarians at the gate

What to make of the weekend carnage and recovery of bitcoin?

If I dare to make the comparison of bitcoin as the blue chip of cryptos, then I open myself up to criticism from the Initial Coin Offerings and block chain proponents. Continue reading