Weinstein’s new best friend may be Manhattan DA’s office

Harvey Weinstein will turn himself in to the NYPD Friday morning for arraignment on two counts of rape. One in the first degree and the second count to rape in the third degree stemming from two women’s allegations.

Weinstein will only be charged with two counts on Friday despite over 80 woman having come out with charges that the former film mogul violated their human dignity with lecherous acts.

The man who almost singlehandedly empowered woman to begin the #MeToo movement (along with Bill Cosby) will only be charged on two felonies for now.

There are two thoughts that come to mind after spending many years seeing how the District Attorney’s office and the NYPD works.

One: The want to get him into the system. Take your two strongest cases before a judge. Have him booked. Take his passport since he has the means to be a flight risk and put up a large bail request.

Two: Once booked, now you can request all the information you need to make further charges. Financial, business and travel records are all available due to charges. It’s no longer a fishing expedition, it’s a criminal case.

So when the criminal trial comes up and it will be in NYC, not California, the charging document may look more like a small telephone book and not the two-count indictment that will be presented this morning at Manhattan Supreme Court.

One other interesting aspect comes out of today as well. Weinstein, facing a life in prison, may become a bit more chatty with the Manhattan’s DA office on what he knows about a host of other people.

You have to know Weinstein was a large contributor to all things Democratic. From Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to a host of other national political contenders and state office holders.

What he has witnessed, been told about and/or funded may be of interest to the authorities. And that’s where this could become very interesting.

Happy Memorial Day to all and take a moment to think about all the young men and woman who laid down their lives for us over this holiday weekend.



NFL Anthem option play thrown for a loss

So the NFL owners have decided that it’s more important to show unity than honoring the flag and what it stands for.

In a decision that pleases no one who believes in the First Amendment, players who do not wish to honor the flag by standing are excused from the former rule — that said every player must be on the field during the National Anthem — and can remain in the locker room.

If a player or coach is on the field, then they will stand or be subject to a team/league fine.

“We believe today’s decision will keep our focus on the game and the extraordinary athletes who play it — and on our fans who enjoy it,” commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

And like any ruling meant to please both sides, this move by the owners placates neither side.

As I wrote in the past, even as a journalist, I do not have a First Amendment right to do whatever I wish in the work place. I cannot write whatever I want and I cannot act anyway I want.

This is the core point: The NFL players are in the workplace on game day. Office rules apply.

Well to show how contentious the issue is, no sooner had the measure been announced than New York Jets Chairman and CEO Christopher Johnson said the team would support the players right to choose as far as  kneeling goes, and would not issue any team fines and would pay for league penalties.

So while the NFL said the measure was passed unanimously, ironically San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York abstained from the vote. York’s ex-QB Colin Kaepernick ignited this action in 2016 as a way to bring attention to the plight of young African-American men and their plight within the criminal justice system.

Middle America banks unlocked from Dodd-Frank shackles

Congress has unshackled many of the medium-sized US banks from the onerous Dodd-Frank law, put in place after the 2008 financial crisis.

The House voted 258-159 to approve the legislation, which the Senate passes back in March. The bill now awaits for President Trump’s signature. Continue reading

Starbucks customers find social change to be a grind

Starbucks ran headlong into the great divide of the US.

The over-priced coffee shop came out over the weekend saying that it would allow people to use its spaces — including restrooms — without making a purchase.

This policy change was spurred by Starbucks “partners” calling police in Philadelphia last month on two black men sitting in a shop waiting on a friend.

The majority of customers in Starbucks are under 35-years old and that’s where it ran into trouble by trying to placate this base by saying it would open up its stores to everyone. In NYC this would include the homeless and mentally deficient.

The blowback on social media was fast and furious as people posted protests to the policy change. It’s bad enough to pay upwards of $3 for a coffee followed by three adjectives, but to then have to worry about safety had Twitter going nuts.

Well, come Monday, Starbucks had to walk back this “space race” by saying it wants its outlets to be safe for all customers and that it would draw the line somewhere between paying customers and others using its stores.

This is what happens when a retailer attempts to impose social change on its customers, which many may believe in, but some do not.

Personally, if I was charging these prices for coffee and getting away with it, there is no way I would do anything to get my customers perturb.

This issue goes back to the post I did recently on Starbucks and Amazon not wishing to pay additional corporate tax to the city of Seattle to fight homelessness in the area where both have their headquarters.

I called those moves hypocrisy and I can say with all honesty that Starbucks should focus on returning value to its shareholders and not be so concern about changing the world because they already have.

Who else could get away with charging these prices for something I can buy from a street cart in Midtown Manhattan right outside one of its outlets for 50 cents in a traditional blue and white cup.

Clinton campaign used FBI to spy on President Trump

I am having a difficult time figuring out why this news took so long to come out.

The Clinton election team had the FBI spying on the Trump campaign. Continue reading