Progressives want America to be a third-world nation

Why is it that the progressive left wants to impoverish this country?

Far left Democrats want to outlaw many things that made this country so great over the last 200 years.

Here’s a few of the notable national treasures that the progressive left wants to do away with:

Banning the sale of gas-fueled cars. The U.S. has abundant quantities of petroleum that will be off limits.

Ending cattle and livestock production despite America being totally self-sufficient in the production of proteins and dairy products.

These two efforts — desired by the left to be outlawed — are what made America into the global leader in so many other areas. These two mentions allowed this country to advance onto the world’s stage.

Cheap proteins allowed all classes of Americans to become better educated, bigger and stronger over the last four generations. The lunatic left would rather have us get protein from plants and insects, as if we are a third-world nation.

Easy mobility through car travel also provided the economic might that powered the nation through two world wars and created the greatest upward mobility the world has ever seen. It single-handily created the middle class boom and the move to suburbia in this country.

The progressives really don’t have an answer when you ask, “What will replace them?”

Of course, their answer for banning gas-powered cars is alternative energy. But many Democratically controlled states are having problems keeping the lights on right now. Never mind being able to power millions of vehicles.

Newer nuclear technologies are not even a talking point for these progressives, since that technology can provide cheap, clean electricity.

No progressives appear to want to do harm to this country and force socialistic reliance on the government as their brave new world (pun intended).

One more thing to remember. No of these measures will apply to them. Just you and me.