Commissioner Kavanagh sets FDNY ablaze over wokeness

FDNY Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh is gutting her ranks over wokeness.

The Bill De Blasio appointee is taking out the department’s senior rank

Three high-ranking city Fire Department chiefs were abruptly demoted in a controversial shake-up last week — and two other chiefs then voluntarily stepped down from their titles in solidarity, fire-enforcement sources said on Monday.

Kavanagh, who has no firefighter knowledge, sparked outcry from rank-and-file Bravest — and prompted two top fire officials, Chief of Department John Hodgens and Chief of Operations John Esposito, to seek demotions, furious because they were left in the dark by Kavanagh over their colleagues demotions.

In a blistering letter to Kavanagh, Esposito said he had been excluded from “the decision-making process on serious issues affecting his department. 

“These events have resulted in a serious breach of trust with my subordinate personnel,” he wrote. “To ensure the chiefs, company officers and firefighters stay focused on the mission, I can no longer remain Chief of Operations.

“Who will make day-to-day decisions? The commissioner doesn’t know anything about fighting fires or personnel,” said a high ranking source in the FDNY.

“What has not come to my desk is a plan to make our members safer,” Kavanagh fumed. “What has not come to my desk is a plan to reduce fire deaths in the Bronx, which are spiking. 

What Kavanagh did not mention in her comment was that resources for firefighting in the Bronx were cut severely in recent years.

This woman should not be leading FDNY, but that goes back to De Blasio and his appointment.