CBOE’s begins BTC options trading on Sunday throwing crypto pricing for a loop

As I wrote on Thursday, the huge price spikes on bitcoin probably was attributed to hedge funds jumping into the crypto.

The hedgies jumped in as the Chicago Board Options Exchange, CME and Nasdaq came out with plans to offer options on bitcoin, which gave them a nod that the cryptocurrencies were here to stay. Continue reading


Bitcoin price action shows hedgies may be jumping in

There is no way you can say Wall Street is not piling into bitcoin the last two days.

The move from roughly $11,250 to $15,800 (see chart below) cannot be attributed to buy and hold crypto enthusiasts buying an additional 0.0002 bitcoin. Continue reading

Futures trading will temper $1K gap on bitcoin

The thousand dollar bitcoin climb continued Wednesday as the crypto moved over $12,000 with its own $1,000+ trading move.

On Thanksgiving Day the conversation around the table was most people asking what bitcoin was and how do you get involved. The price was around $8,600 and that feels like it was a few days ago. Continue reading

Bitcoin taking a bite out of FANGs

The booking of FANG profits is very apparent in the last five trading days as the Nasdaq has lost 1.7% in value.

The rotation out of high-flying tech stocks, which I saw happening as the Trump tax cut moved through Congress last week, is continuing while the Dow Jones continues to move higher. Continue reading