What Republicans can take away from GameStop revolt

Please do not believe what main stream media is telling you about what happen in the equity markets on Wednesday. I point directly to a stock called GameStop, with the ticker symbol GME.

Wall St. thought this was a stock that sold gaming systems and software to kids in the mall. Enter an outside investor, who thought online sales were better business model and wanted to compete with Amazon.

And then the battle began.

Wall Street pros decided this was a good stock to short since it moved up nicely to $25 a share on the community support. Call options were certainly made by traders to take down this company.

However, a Reddit post at that time pointed out the struggles GameStop was having with Wall Street, which caused the gaming community to rally the stock.

Shares went from $21 a month ago to close Wednesday at $348 up $200 for the sessionĀ  wiping out many of the the Wall Street mavens who thought it would be a penny stock given the retail environment and the prospects of taking on Amazon.

They only downside to this small investor uprising is that RobinHood, the app that allows affordable, real-time trading to us minions, will be punished by Wall Street trading firms for allowing Americans to subterfuge Wall Street billionaires. The move will be in the same spirit that Parler faced when it was taken out by Amazon, Apple and Google.

So how does this shareholder revolt connect to the past election?

Well, Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians need to crowd source their ideals and unify behind them.

Don’t let the mainstream media stymie the programs you want to push.Just like the GameStop small investors, let’s move the agenda forward despite deep-pocketed investors on the other side.

Don’t let the Democrats dictate the future. We are not mall rats like Wall St. thought of GameStop investors. We are a powerful force to be reckon with and our shares will grow every day President Biden signs another executive order.

BTW, GameStop shares look to open Thursday around $445, up another $100 or so in the futures market.

Editor’s Note as of 9 AM Thursday, RobinHood and Ameritrade have ceased to allow users to buy shares in GME and AMC. Share prices crash as app users can sell, but not buy shares.