Ghost of 1987 crash spooking the markets

Friday is the 30th anniversary of Black Monday, the 1987 stock market crash, the largest one-day crash in the history of the Dow percentage wise. Continue reading


Stocks taking October in stride while whistling past the grave yard

As the first week of October slips by, global stock trading show no signs of whistling past the grave yard.

Daily records in the US have become an inside joke in newsrooms. Continue reading

American’s balk at the new cost of soup

Look at Wednesday morning’s earnings news to get a true reading of where retail and consumers are at this moment.

Nike, Olive Garden, Shake Shack and Cheesecake Factory are all selling off in pre-market for losing the ability to control pricing.

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October’s deck is stacked against stocks

The FANG stocks are losing a little altitude as Sept. come to a close.

The high-flying tech giants — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google — have all seen roughly 5 percent pullback from recent highs. Apple is close to 10% down.

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An open letter to Chair Yellen on the inflation mystery

Let me take this post to write an open letter to Fed chief Janet Yellen to explain what is going on in the US economy. It appears she needs it

At her press conference on Wednesday Yellen said of the inflation rate being suppressed. “I will not say that the committee clearly understands what the causes are of that.”

Dear Chair Yellen, Continue reading