New trioka at the Fed may get you(r) interest

What happens when Cerberus — the three-headed beast guarding the gates of hell — loses all of its heads?

We’ll find out early spring of next year as The Federal Reserve could be without its present Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and head of the New York Fed. Continue reading


Wall Street’s black boxes shrug off NYC terrorism attack

Wall Street ignored the terrorist carnage that happen down the lane Monday to close higher. Continue reading

Stocks taking October in stride while whistling past the grave yard

As the first week of October slips by, global stock trading show no signs of whistling past the grave yard.

Daily records in the US have become an inside joke in newsrooms. Continue reading

American’s balk at the new cost of soup

Look at Wednesday morning’s earnings news to get a true reading of where retail and consumers are at this moment.

Nike, Olive Garden, Shake Shack and Cheesecake Factory are all selling off in pre-market for losing the ability to control pricing.

Continue reading