Biden has no beef with Russian hackers

Russian hackers have struck again and reportedly taken out the largest beef supplier in the US by seizing control of the company’s computer systems.

JBS, which supplies 25% of the nation’s meat, became victim of the latest cyber attack forcing it to close all 13 of its North American processing centers.

As was last month when the Colonial Pipeline was hacked, authorities are concerned about hoarding and price rises as smaller processors struggle to meet demands.

Just like the Colonial ransomware attack, the Biden administration is only monitoring the situation through the USDA and is not considering it an attack on the US and forcibly taking aim at the culprits.

“The president has directed the administration to determine what we can do to mitigate any impacts as they may become necessary,” said deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said aboard Air Force One. She added that the FBI is investigating the hacking.

It was reported last month that Colonial or one of its representatives paid the $40 million ransom demand in order to get its pipeline back in operation. JBS has not said what demands the hackers have requested.

The cyber attack comes as beef and chicken prices have already risen 30% this year.

It is unclear at this time if prices have spike on the plant closing news.


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