Middle class will be squeezed in tax ‘cut’ bill

The tax plan winding through Congress is becoming nothing the American middle class will appreciate.

The class warfare being put in the bill when all is said and done — perhaps before the end of the year — will not be recognized as beneficial to the dwindling ranks of middle class. Continue reading


Retailers won’t move into the black on Friday

Today is the so-called Black Friday, but that is not the case this year for retailers.

The term Black Friday came about as the day that retailers turn a profit for the year. Moving out of the red and into the black. Continue reading

Bitcoin: Digital gold for troubled times

Bitcoin made another 10+% jump on Thursday to bounce off of $7,998.

While the news coming out during the day was good for the crypto with financial forms lining up to get behind bitcoin, there is more to the 30% price rebound over the last three days than what’s out there. Continue reading