Left can’t control Kanye, so they will tear him down again

So yesterday I wrote about Kayne West and his backing Candace Owens and his Trump supporting renewal.

Well how do people on the left counter this move to inform African-Americans that the Democrats have been using the community every two years without any real positive change coming their way. Continue reading


Mid-term elections with Kanye and Candace

So this is how close the mid-term elections are. My next cardiologist appointment is after the Nov. elections.

And into this fray enters Kanye West. Continue reading

Uncovering magazine’s biases: Melania has yet to be on any cover

I assigned a story for Sunday’s New York Post Business section that took off on the web producing such large numbers on the web, it even surprised me.

The topic is one that the paper covers regularly, media and publishing. Most of the stories these days are the troubles with once household names like Time magazine, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and other once valuable publishing properties. Continue reading