Fed can’t find inflation, but let’s raise rates to help the banks

The Federal Reserve — headed now by Jay Powell — released the minutes from the last meeting in March. The Fed is feeling that inflation, which has been under 2% annually for many years, is about to grow.

There is little evidence of inflation, but the Fed says that since Trump’s tax cuts gave thousands of workers a bonus and the raising of minimum wage, inflation will come and the Fed should continue raising rates. Continue reading


Trump’s China tariff battle really about IP

President Trump — bolstered by the 750-point snap back in the Dow Wednesday — tripled down on his China tariffs Thursday stating the US was looking at an additional $100 million in imports.

Market futures on Friday morning seem to confirm that the new ploy has a much smaller effect on the markets. Futures this morning are down 200 points as oppose to -500+ Wednesday morning. Continue reading

Amazon calling. Will you let Jeff Bezos in?

Playing off of my weekend post of Amazon’s desire to get into Americans homes, the rhetoric from the White House is ramping up.

President Trump tweeting about Amazon as a monopoly riding on the back of the US Postal Service as its “delivery boy” and questioning its tax payments is really a smoke screen, I believe.

Trump’s screed merely brings Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos into the conversation, along with other Silicon Valley companies doing questionable actions with their user’s data.

Amazon has been around the longest — more than 20 years — and has amassed a database on more Americans and their buying habits than any other entity with the exception of the National Security Agency.

A story hitting the news today says Amazon, along with Google, has patent applications that allows Alexa — its in-home, personal-assistant service — an “outline an array of possibilities” for how the devices could monitor more of what users say and do.

Amazon has been on your stoop –with a smiley faced package — for more than a decade, but now through its Alexa device, or a special lock to allow food deliveries to be place in your refrigerator and its new initiative to start a nation-wide home cleaning service, the assault on your front door and your privacy has never been at more peril.

So into this backdrop we have Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, being the richest man in the world against a President hell-bent to expose deeper secrets of the left-leaning Silicon Valley crowd and its duplicitous actions when it comes to your privacy.

I am very interested to see how this plays out.

Gun ban protestors are marching in place

The march for our lives that occurred on Saturday as a protest to semi-automatic rifles being sold in the US will probably have the same impact as the DACA rallies did in the fall.

A feel good moment for people who hate the president to gather together and voice their outrage with no fear of being confronted by facts. Continue reading

Zuckerberg’s Feb. stock sales should have tipped off market of troubles

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was shocked, Shocked I tell you, that there were people using its data for nefarious reasons, while I documented that he cashed in billions in recent stock sales.

Zuckerberg who is playing the shill, now wants to look at how outside developers — including data-analytics firm Cambridge Analytica — used the vast treasure trove of users data to manipulate allegedly the 2016 presidential election. Continue reading