Middle class will be squeezed in tax ‘cut’ bill

The tax plan winding through Congress is becoming nothing the American middle class will appreciate.

The class warfare being put in the bill when all is said and done — perhaps before the end of the year — will not be recognized as beneficial to the dwindling ranks of middle class. Continue reading


Tech wreck hits on lack of tax plan windfall

Wall Street did a duck and cover on their Silicon Valley darlings on Wednesday.

The FAANG stocks had an awful day as Netflix dropped 5.5%, Apple declined 4%, while Facebook, Google and Amazon all fell more than 2%. Continue reading

Bitcoin’s thousand dollar jumps exploding to just days

As bitcoin approaches $10,000, it needs to do it quickly, since it took seven days to move from $8K to $9K.

As I wrote Monday, the cryptocurrency is exploding to the upside with a 30% move in two weeks that ended Sunday night.

The chart below shows the speed bitcoin has exploded through the $1,000 milestones. Continue reading