TV news ignores Fla. shooters medication usage


My apologies for not posting on Friday. The surgery went well and I can sit with little pain.

Today, I’ll like to look at the Florida school shooting. One of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place this week in Parkland, Florida

Believe me it has an economic angle to the story. Continue reading


Enjoy President’s weekend, even if you hate Trump

I know I said I’ll see you Friday, but I am having emergency surgery this morning to repair a problem from my initial spinal surgery from three weeks ago.

I’ll post update, when I can and try to get back early next week.

I do appreciate all the likes my post received on Wednesday.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


Gold, bitcoin loving the sturm und drang of markets

Before you could figure out how the market would react this morning to flat retail sales for the holiday quarter, Dow futures were up bigly on Wednesday.

Then before you could look up the definition of inflation this morning, the market was down “bigerly” on the Consumer Price Index report. Continue reading