Notre Dame Cathedral blaze 11th French church to be desecrated over Lent

Notre Dame Cathedral burned on this holiest of weeks for the Catholic church. It is not the Catholic church to be damaged in France this year.

In fact it is the 10th holy place to be desecrated since Feb.

This gothic bastion that marked the beginning of western civilization out of the Dark Ages was begun in 1162 and largely completed by 1260, had Christians around the world feeling heartbroken as they watch the blaze take down its famous spires.

Surely its too early to determine a cause — although mainstream media rushed to conclusion that it was a result of construction going on at the fabled cathedral.

However St. Sulpice —  the second-largest church in Paris, after Notre Dame — had a  large wooden door set on fire on St. Patrick’s Feast Day. Parisian fire officials confirmed that the fire was arson.

How many more Catholic churches have to be desecrated in France with feces smeared on walls, urine found in holy water, statues smashed and churches ransacked before authorities take up a large-scale investigation?



2 thoughts on “Notre Dame Cathedral blaze 11th French church to be desecrated over Lent

  1. My personal opinion here… seems another “culture” is trying to take over what our Western Civilization has been!! How better than to strike at one of the most recognizable symbols of said civilization??? There are “radicals” in every religion….is this the start of a worldwide conflict drawn along religious lines??? One can only hope not!!!

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