Assange’s US charge has nothing to do with Clinton emails, Seth Rich

The arrest of Julian Assange last week after being thrown out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London has so many moving parts that there is much confusion over what it means.

The Swedish authorities dropped the original charges against him for an alleged date rape. The London police have him on a process charge of failing to show up for a hearing concerning the extradition on the Swedish charge.

The US has a single federal indictment in eastern Virginia district on unauthorized access of a computer saying Assange allegedly helped then-Bradley Manning crack a password.

The feds do not have hard evidence it was Assange on the other end of the computer working with Manning. The Obama administration commuted Manning sentence, so there is no pressure on Manning to testify in the case.

Nevertheless, the feds are seeking extradition to the US on the charge, which was filed by the Trump Justice department in 2018. The feds are also seeking an extension to the statute of limitation on the charge through a global terrorism exemption.

So what does this all mean? If the case goes forward, there will be no mention of Clinton campaign emails, no mention of how Wikileaks came by the emails. No Seth Rich, no Russian hack, nothing to do with the 2016 release of data.That will not be part of any Assange trial.

I do look for a rather quick decision by the London courts to grant extradition since the US has the strongest — albeit weak in evidence — charge against Assange.

However the end game on this chess match is very unclear right now.

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