White House’s coronavirus comments lack urgency

UPDATE: Three hours after posting this, President Trump tweeted that he will hold a news conference at 6pm this evening. I am not taking credit for this LOL.


A thousand Dow points here; a thousand Dow points there. Now you are talking about some cash, to paraphrase the famous Sen. Everett Dirksen quote.

The stock market fallout from the coronavirus appears to be the only real worry here in the US. The Trump administration has been downplaying the contagion since the beginning of the outbreak in China.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned on Tuesday that it expects the coronavirus to begin spreading in the US and that it could be a “disruption to everyday life [that] may be severe,” the White says that the United States was in “very good shape” when it comes to preparing for the deadly virus.

The two positions don’t seem to jive.

Part of the problem may be that Trump was halfway around the world in India, but once back at the White House, I believe, he should address the growing concerns of Americans to his administration’s response to the oncoming crisis here.

As President, you do not want to be blindsided in an election year by something like this. Address it now with concrete plans if and when the coronavirus becomes a “disruption to  everyday life”.


1 thought on “White House’s coronavirus comments lack urgency

  1. Just read something about 5G interfering with the absorption of oxygen……this would indicate to me that the poor people of that huge country have been subjected to an experiment not of their choosing!! One lesson to learn from all this is NOT to be around 5-G!!!! Bad things happen!! Why do we want a tech ‘help’ that is going to harm us??!!!

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