Bitcoin searching for a bottom after Google’s ad banning

Bitcoin crashed overnight into Tuesday morning as Google stated that they will not allow cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings from advertising on its platforms.

Bitcoin was trading near $8,700 mark on word of the ad crackdown. Continue reading


Phantom inflation will see a Fed do one and done in ’18

Since Jan. 26th more than 2,100 points have come off the Dow using Thurs. closing price. Dow futures suggest another 200 points at the open, but it’s early.

Across that same time frame, bitcoin has remained flat, down roughly $150, with much churn along the way. Continue reading

Gold, bitcoin loving the sturm und drang of markets

Before you could figure out how the market would react this morning to flat retail sales for the holiday quarter, Dow futures were up bigly on Wednesday.

Then before you could look up the definition of inflation this morning, the market was down “bigerly” on the Consumer Price Index report. Continue reading

Stocks, bitcoin moving higher as volatility is quelled

Please excuse the sporadic posting, still in great pain as a result of my spinal surgery.

Stock markets around the world are back to rally mode with the exception of Japan.

The Olympic euphoria has even creeped into the cryptos with bitcoin up 10% for the day. Continue reading