Irony Alert: Rep. Schiff will see FISA warrant lead to his undoing.

President Trump has California Rep. Adam Schiff, who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, in his cross hairs for “Presidential Harassment”.

So now Congressman Adam Schiff announces, after having found zero Russian Collusion, that he is going to be looking at every aspect of my life, both financial and personal, even though there is no reason to be doing so. Never happened before! Unlimited Presidential Harassment….

The president went on to say that it is a “witch hunt” that Schiff and his committee are continuing with the narrative of Russian collusion despite special counsel Robert Mueller’s 18-month probe finding nothing actionable against the White House for crimes committed during the campaign.

Yes they nabbed people for process crimes of lying to the FBI, but much of those charges stem from the staffers being spied on by the intelligence agencies unbeknownst to them.

So when they were questioned and the statements did not line up with the tapes, they were charged. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is a perfect case for this type of treatment and you noticed that he plead guilty to the charge but has yet to be sentenced despite numerous hearings on the subject.

Coming back to Rep. Schiff. It appears the president is doing more that just taking him to task on Twitter. It appears that Schiff is the subject of a FISA court warrant as well.

Schiff has been probed on the subject of classified leaks coming from the intelligence committee during the last congressional session when he was the minority ranking member on the panel.

Would that not be just retribution that a FISA surveillance would pick up Schiff leaking untruthful information on the classified Mueller investigation.


Why so little coverage of the Yellow Vest protests?

Busy weekend on the drops with the overarching theme being what is being offered by the media — and what is not — to affect the narrative presented to citizens.

First case in point is the ongoing demonstrations in France with the Yellow Vests. Little coverage in the US of the thousands of people injured over the last month by police while the numbers of protestors grows. There have also been many protester deaths as a result of clashes with the police.

Cars burning near the Eiffel Tower as tens of thousands of French citizens demand changes to the socialist government policies. Why are we not seeing media coverage? Because the French protestors are asking for a halt to open border immigration and other EU initiatives, which are being pushed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and elsewhere.

We can hardly have the narrative playing out in the US that people globally abhor open borders while the Democrats push not fund a border wall.

Second case is the funding bill being worked on to keep the government open. The President wants roughly $6B for construction. The Democrats are hard-pressed to provide.

This really is a symbolic fight since the White House already hasĀ  the funding through last year’s military spending bill. No this fight is about optics and how far the liberals will take this fight. Will they close the government again over this issue?

Trump took responsibility for the first shutdown last month, however this one will be on the Senate and House liberal Democrats.

Will this lead to a split within their ranks? Perhaps as more centralist House Democrats — fearing a tough election coming up — challenge the far left with digging in their heels on this issue.

Last case is the continuing negative coverage of Q-Anon phenomenon being publicized in the media. The question posed is enlightening. If it is just a conspiracy theory, then why do hundreds of negative stories come up on a Google News search from major news outlets?

Why bother publicizing a fake moment? Why bother telling people not to look at it, if as many articles say, it is a fringe radical movement with a small following?

It falls under the line from “Hamlet” ““The lady [press] doth protest too much, methinks.”

Amazon’s Bezos charges National Enquirer owner Pecker with extortion and blackmail

So what happens when the richest man in the world decides to re-live his teenage years only this time with cash?

You get Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos making headlines for sending “d-ck pics” to his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez and she sending “a photograph of her smoking a cigar in what appears to be a simulated oral sex scene.”

Now how do we know all this? Well the National Enquirer had all these images and more as part of their story from two weeks ago on the philandering CEO.

However according to a Bezos post on the blog site Medium, the National Enquirer and its owner David Pecker threaten to release more compromising images if Bezos didn’t cease investigating the magazine over its ties to silencing women making accusations against President Trump.

Quite a tale of “extortion and blackmail” Bezos lays out against Pecker and the National Enquirer with internal memos from lawyers working for National Enquirer parent company AMI, which is run by Pecker.

So you have Pecker, “d-ck pics” and simulated oral sex scene all on display, but not at the supermarket checkout stand, but more likely in a federal court house sometime soon.

Military operation in downtown LA hours after Trump’s SOTU human trafficking comments

Hours after President Trump gave his historic State Of The Union speech on Tuesday night an unnerving video popped up on the Web showing military helicopters descending on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

The military operation was conducted by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, more widely known as the Night Stalkers using quartet of MH-6 Little Birds helicopter and military troops operating in front of an office building that houses a Guatemalan aid organization.

In this video we see military helicopters flying down Wilshire Blvd. landing briefly to pick up troops carrying what appear to be boxes and flying away. The operation shows the tight windows each of these helicopters need to navigate to land and take off before the next copter comes in to pick up more military personnel.

There is information that this was a military training exercise, which would make sense since it would be nearly impossible to pull off this type of operation without wide social media coverage in downtown LA.

However the timing and location of this operation is curious since it comes so soon after President Trump spoke about the humanitarian horrors on the southern border with human sex trafficking and gang-related drug smuggling.

During the speech the president also spoke about the new caravans coming up from Honduras and Guatemala, which may play into why this location of a Guatemalan aid organization was chosen.

More information when it is available.

President Trump’s game-changing SOTU speech

President Trump delivered an inspired speech last night that even brought the white-clad suffragettes to their feet to applaud his reaching across the aisle.

This speech was a game changer from the partisan politics parlay that has been the present condition in Washington.

Yes he tweaked them on “America will never be a socialist country,” but he celebrated their ability to serve in Congress as showing how great America is.

He spoke of the wall in humanitarian terms. He personalized the horrors that invade our countries across the southern border. Trump told Americans that children were enduring unspeakable hardship through sex trafficking.A topic most Americans probably know little about, but he put a face to the heroes that combat this on a daily basis.

Trump clearly laid out the national emergency on the southern border without using the explosive term. On Feb. 15 he can now make the case for a declaration far more convincingly than prior.

He spoke for many Americans when he said it’s not OK for babies to be aborted hours before birth like New York and Virginia approved recently.

The president laid out his economic successes over the last two years, such as the job booms where more Black, Hispanic, Women and Disabled Americans are working now than ever before. How tax cuts put more money in the hands of the people and not in Washington’s pockets.

Of course this speech will not move the needle in New York, California or Illinois, but it certainly had to make the fence-sitters and marginal RINOs take notice that this State Of The Union was a powerful message that America is Great Again and we should not stop moving forward in that greatness.