Facebook is first in busy breaking news week

Facebook will be the first social media platform to have its reputation further tarnished as shares fell Monday more than 10% off its recent highs.

As I wrote Monday there will be an Internet Bill of Rights coming out of the Federal Trade Commission this year — once Trump’s three appointees are seated — that will regulate the terms and conditions of these platforms to align with First and Fourth Amendment protections in the Constitution. Continue reading


Tarmac Troika to topple Tariff Tantrum

As I wrote the last two days, here and then here, the Gary Cohn departure from the White House would be a non event as far as market reaction.

I am told that this event will also be lost in Washington as far bigger news will come out over the weekend. Continue reading

Memo release brings Constitutional crisis against Obama Administration


As I wrote previously, the FISA memo was released Friday afternoon with little fan fare from many members of the media.

In a nutshell the memo shows that the Obama administration along with the Clinton campaign colluded to destroy the Trump campaign and even his administration after the election. Continue reading

Trump’s SOTU speech on unity will be short lived

Here’s my question after the State of the Union speech last night.

The unity that President Trump professed in his first SOTU speech will be short-lived after the White House releases the FISA court abuses memo. Continue reading

MeToo movement shows wolves are on the left as well

We are almost two months since the Harvey Weinstein revelations of sexual harassment came to light with the #MeToo movement.

The speed and scope of the movement is amazing with more than a hundred men in politics, media and Hollywood have been outed and suffering for their sins. Continue reading