Working outside the envelope will take some time

Sunday’s special post on what was in the envelopes at the President George H W Bush funeral mass on Dec, 5, 2018, generated tremendous reactions from my readers.

The videos re-enforce the narrative of change is coming with visual evidence of their reactions. Not sure we will get further clarity on what the notes contain, but surely the message came from the White House.

This could be the first variable evidence that big changes are coming in 2019 as Trump’s new presidential order takes effect on Jan. 1. We will have to wait a short time to see if we can get confirmation of the rumors circulating.

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May I have the envelopes please at George HW Bush’s funeral

Two special updates from the President on the envelopes.


======================SPECIAL SUNDAY POST========================

At President George H.W. Bush’s funeral on December 5th there was odd occurrences that really was missed by many in attendance or watching on TV.

I’m not speaker of the younger President Bush passing a mint to Michelle Obama while he was greeting her.

Many of the former presidents’ wives received an envelope in their program, which depending on the individual, brought shock and disbelief to their faces immediately after reading the note inside the envelope.

Hillary Clinton, Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and very surprisingly Karen Pence all had envelopes in their programs.

Now what this tell me is that their Secret Service details were aware of the situation, since they would have checked the programs before hand. Also on what orders were they given to leave the programs alone and not check the envelopes for explosives or poison powder.

I have embedded videos of most of the women opening the envelopes. One funny aside is Former President Jimmy Carter sitting next to Hillary and seeing the envelope fall out of the program thumbs through his program only to find no envelope and then turns to his wife Rosalynn and asked if she received one. Of course they did not get one.

The reaction of Hillary Clinton is pretty mundane, and when first I saw it I figured they were invited to a private affair after the church service. Michelle Obama the same thing.

Jill Biden was more shocked it seemed as Joe took it from her hand.

Bush the most dramatic response came from Laura Bush and the reaction of Jeb Bush when he saw the note. Jeb was crestfallen while George Bush just closed his eyes and lowered his head.

The only answer to what was on the notes comes in a post during a Q&A session last week.

Q: What were in the envelopes ???

A: Our promise to ‘counter’.

Not surprisingly we were told earlier to “Follow the wives.”

All I can say is that’s a scene right out of the “Godfather”. At the funeral mass, you take them out. Bravissimo.

I posted an update on Dec. 29th.

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Busy week: Huawei arrest, funeral dread and Whitaker’s relief appearance

There is so much going on this week I feel its appropriate to do what’s called a notes column on multiple news events.

The liberal left media is screaming about Trump’s DOJ requesting Canadian authorities to arrest China’s Huawei Technologies CFO Meng Wanzhou for the company’s violating Iran sanctions by trading with the country.

Why is this not Trump doing what is right against a firm that has been linked to spying on US citizens and stealing technology from American tech firms without paying royalties for the use.

No the media are saying Trump is trying to ignite further trade wars with China, which is taking down the stock market. If Trump did nothing it would then be China collusion.

Can’t win

Did you see some of the video of George H W Bush’s funeral on Wednesday?

There is a clip of Hillary Clinton opening up her program and an envelope falls out of it. She opens it and two seconds later puts it back in the envelope. Former President Jimmy Carter sitting next to her looks into his booklet to see if he has an envelope, which he did not, and asks his wife Rosalynn and she shakes her head no.

Then there is a clip of George W Bush’s wife Laura looking at a similar envelope given to her by her husband as her face grows dark. She shows her brother-in-law Jeb and his face goes from a slight smile to that of dread as his shoulders fall into his body.

Not sure what these notes said, but I’m sure it was not condolences.But we can assume the note was very short, due to the quickness of the readers reactions.

These were targeted messages to Hillary Clinton and Bush II, which was allowed to be inserted into their programs by their Secret Service detail.

The White House leaked Thursday that President Trump is considering nominating William Barr to be the next Attorney General.

Suggesting that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker’s tenure will be similar to Anthony Scaramucci’s role as White House Director of Communications for 10 days to blow it up and get some troublesome staff to leave.

Whitaker will do the needed declassification of the FISA documents perhaps and then turn the office over to Barr who served as AG under Bush II.

It’s funny, I wasn’t aware that the president was a baseball fan, but he uses some staff as specialty relief pitchers, who come in to face one batter (or problem) and then leave the game.

Western Europe rioters rejecting globalist agendas, chanting “We want Trump”

Quite a weekend with the death of former President George HW Bush. But I want to focus on the events that are getting little coverage here in the US.

Western Europe is exploding. Rioting in Paris over President Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies, which favors rich Parisians versus the people living in the countryside.

TV reports showed protesters chanting. “We want Trump,” while marching amongst burning cars.

Smaller but widespread rioting is taking place in Brussels and Germany with no reports in major media.

While western media point to Macron raising gas prices to combat environmental concerns of the rich, which don’t rely on their cars as much as the underlying cause of the protests.

The gilets jaunes or “yellow vests” crowd marched on the Arc de Triomphe and ironically set fire to dozens of cars harkens back to the Revolution Vive La Resistance that ultimately brought about Bastille Day and then end of royalty in France.

The French Revolution came about because of a tone-deaf monarchy raised taxes on basic food staples like bread and cheese of the citizenry. The suburban and rural population need to be able to travel by car, since the government has neglected to develop provincial alternate travel.

To raise the French Revolution is not out of the blue or purple actually, since the liberal left attempted to stage its own version of Revolution — Vive La Resistance — against President Trump in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election.

However the next two days in Washington will be about getting information to prosecute the resistance movement of Democrats conspiring to work against Trump getting elected.

Monday we have former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Tuesday ex-FBI Director James Comey testifying before House committees on the abuses of the FISA court.

Federal attorney John Huber was slated Wednesday to update the House committee on his investigation of the Clinton Foundation, but that will need to be rescheduled since it’s the Federal holiday to mourn the death of President Bush.

Vive la difference between western Europe and the US. America has Donald Trump in the White House and the rioters have a Hillary Clinton-type leader, who have a globalist agenda, which screws the population and they have had enough with that.

What exactly is going on in Broward County, Florida?

What is it about Broward County, Florida that brings this suburban Miami area into the news so often.

Reviewing a list of nationally known terror events from 9-11 through the present voting fraud allegations suggests that the county is a breeding ground for perception-changing events.

  • Nicolas Cruz: The Parkland high school shooter.
  • Cesar Sayoc: The recent mail bomber
  • Jose Padilla: Indicted on charges of conspiring to commit terrorist acts with a dirty bomb in support of al-Qaida.
  • Raees Alam Qazi and Sheheryar Alam Qazi: Brothers convicted of planning to launch an attack on New York City in support of al-Qaida.
  • Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi: 9-11 suicide hijackers had flight training in Broward County.
  • James Gonzalo Medina: Confessed to planning to bomb a Broward County synagogue during Passover in 2016.

Now the county is the hotbed for alleged voter fraud with Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes in the middle of a disastrous midterm handling of ballots.

Broward County has had two prominent leaders during most of the time cited above with the list of events. Democratic House member Debbie Wasserman Schultz and County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Wasserman Schultz was also the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and was forced to resign after emails showed she rigged the Democratic nominating for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Israel early this year overwhelmingly lost a no-confidence vote set up by the county’s deputies over his handling of the Parkland high school shooting. A billboard was put up by the deputies saying: “There is no confidence in Sheriff Israel”. The deputies have also petitioned Governor Rick Scott to replace Israel.

I just find that the concentration of perception changing events that have national ramifications from 9-11 through mass shooters and bombers all coming out of this south Florida county just to the north of Miami.

The stench that emanates out of this Democratic controlled county should be the subject of a Department of Justice probe from top to bottom to get a better understanding of what is actually going on down in Fort Lauderdale.