America’s new High Court extends Trump ban

What is the most powerful court in the country?

Many would answer The Supreme Court of The United States.

However, I beg to differ. The Facebook Oversight Board, which extended President Trump’s ban on the social media site for another 6 months, has the ability to take away anyone’s First Amendment right.

This is not only about Trump. This has everything to do with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Amazon and Apple of controlling the modern day public square.

There is no due process, nor the ability to face your accusers nor the ability to be judged by a jury of your peers should one of these progressive-leaning sites decide to pull the soapbox out from under you.

It’s not only the former president, this reaches down to thousands of other voices, including Gray’s Economy, which was taken off Twitter last year. No notice of wrong doing, no ability to question why. It was gone.

So powerful are these companies that they can work in unison to take down entire platforms that they disagree with, such as and Yet there are no ramifications for their actions.

Yes, the CEOs of these firms are dragged up to Capitol Hill on occasion so that Republican lawmakers like Sen. Ted Cruz or Congressman Jim Jordan can act indignant over their latest actions, but nothing comes of it in the end.

In the case of the Facebook Oversight Board, many of its members are progressive lawyers or Internet activists who previously posted tweets on how bad the Orangeman was while in office. The New York Post has an Op-Ed article that gives short bios on some of the Star Chamber-like panel members. It certainly was not a jury of his peers.

Why would the Biden administration need to stack the Supreme Court, when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbeg has already done that with its Oversight Board. Better yet Zuckerberg’s panel can also disregard The Bill of Rights.

I believe it is time to treat these companies like utilities.

Verizon cannot take my cell service away because of something I said on the phone. The same way Con-Ed cannot shut off my electric because of something I wrote in this blog.

When SCOTUS has to accept the ruling of the Facebook Oversight Board, well now you know which panel is the most powerful.