NY Jets CoVid-19 dividend

So while the CoVid-19 pandemic caused much harm to the United States, I am thankful for one thing.

Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets, and scion of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company, which had an alleged vaccination for the pandemic, is taking his ill-gotten gains to sign quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Now most readers know I despite the whole “vaccination” process and how it didn’t work after the powers that be said it would stop the spread of the disease.

However the irony of Rodgers coming to the Johnson & Johnson team is laughable. He was angainst the vaccine and said at the time he was inoculated.

Anyway, this is a milestone for the Jets.

I am a life-long Jet fan after I won a $1 bet against my father’s friend in 1969 taking the Jets over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III as a nine-year old and being labeled as a snot-nose kid.

If there is anything that comes out of the pandemic, it is hoping that the NY Jets have a home playoff game and they advance to the Super Bowl.

That will make my time spent outside of Monahan & Fitzgerald’s window acceptable.

J-E_T-S Jets, Jets, Jets.