Did you know 2,300 pedophiles were arrested Tuesday? I didn’t because it was ignored by media

The Department of Justice announced the arrests of 2,300 suspected pedophiles on Tuesday in an operation called Broken Heart.

These alleged online child sex traffickers were nabbed after a three-month, nationwide, operation conducted by Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces. The task forces identified 195 offenders who either produced child pornography or committed child sexual abuse, and 383 children who suffered recent, ongoing, or historical sexual abuse or production of child pornography, according to the DOJ press released.

This story received virtually no play on the front pages of newspapers or on TV.

Why? Because there was no Hollywood actress tied to the arrests? It did not involve a bold-face political name? But these arrests could lead to much bigger fish as we have seen in the past.

That is the only time you will hear about a sex crime or pedophilia arrests in the US. But yet these child sex  offenders and producers of pedophilia videos. More than 380 children were identified as being sexually abused, which according to child advocacy groups is a very small part of the growing child pornography problem where 1,000s of children go missing each year.

Here is a link to the DOJ announcement of the arrests. Please post it on social media to get the word out that mainstream media won’t.


So President Trump is reviewing the DOJ’s Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email server probe. He has both the unredacted and redacted versions of the report.

The President will release the redacted version on Thursday afternoon, I am told. Not sure, but I have heard he may declassify the heavily redacted report next week.

That may depend on whether DOJ’s assistant AG Rod Rosenstein steps down as a result of his involvement in cover up and pressuring Congress with threat of probes into them to thwart their efforts to seek documents related to the email server probe.