Deutsche Bank's systemic infection

I recently wrote about the fraud and criminality of Deutsche Bank and its highly questionable involvement in an Italian bank merger tied to a rash of Banker Suicides as a result of its nefarious activity.

Now we see DB is labeled a systemic risk to the global financial system by the International Monetary Fund after the Federal Reserve failed the bank’s stress test for the second year in a row.

At the same time we see the Italian banking system falling on its knees as the EU turns its back on the cratering institutions.

All these financial catastrophes stem from the rigging of markets and fraudulent activities of Deutsche. Whether through Libor or currencies or precious metals, the bank is at the heart of all these criminal activities.

This is at the heart of many of the 40 suicides that occurred around  2013 as the bank tries to cover its tracks and started taking out whistleblowers before they could sing to authorities.

I was able to link three of these deaths directly related to Deutsche, but was shut out by the bank to looking further as Deutsche hired outside consul and public relations pros to put pressure on my probe.

I was able to complete a three video series here, here and here which details two of three questionable suicides.


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