Say goodbye it’s Independence Day in NYC

I’m writing this post from the perspective of Independence Day 2020.

New York City is back on lock down as the number of new Covid-19 cases soared following three weeks of rioting in the city.

Most city businesses did not even open because of the continuing violence that was partially fueled by the defund the police movement, which emboldened the more violent “protestors” to continue their nightly reign of terror.

The recent loss of additional top NYPD brass has only complicated the police response due to mixed messages from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov, Andrew Cuomo.

The facts show that the democratic leadership in New York has let vast swaths of its citizens down while placating to far left mob rule. They did not see the greater ramifications of their earlier actions.

Now as America is set to celebrate its national holiday the city is experiencing a 90+ degree heatwave and the beaches and pools remain closed. It’s a tinder box that is ready to ignite.

It’s a damn shame we have such an early curfew that we can’t enjoy our freedom.