What will the Democrats call themselves after Mueller and Horowitz reports are released?

As I wrote yesterday, Special Counsel Bob Mueller will deliver the goods as to the false premise of the Trump campaign and Russian collusion and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz will release the true culprits behind the unconstitutional spying on American citizens by the surveillance community.

So what talking points do we see appearing overnight from the ultra left-wing of the Democratic party? Mueller was stymied, he never could get to the bottom of the collusion.

The Trump administration had Mueller in their pocket to deceive the American people. we need new investigations to uncover what Mueller missed.

For nearly two years Bob Mueller was the darling of the left. He was going to take down the corrupt Trump team, the left said.

Well now that he is about to submit his “classified” report to Attorney General William Barr, all the House Democrats already know what is in the report and they are fuming.

Reps. Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have all said further investigation is needed. Need to try to obfuscate the truth and some how get them to the 2020 election while pandering to their base.

If these representatives launch their own probes in the House, then they will feel insulated from charges from the reports because they will claim its political retribution.

The House Democrats will bring Mueller in to testify and attempt to make headlines with their inflammatory questions on how Trump’s campaign staff were charged with crimes and lied to the special counsel.

But it will be more grandstanding and pandering to the base in an effort to protect the criminal activities of the Obama administration.

When all is said and done they may not even want to call themselves Democrats anymore, they may need to rename the party. That’s how damning the details of these reports will be.


Trump calls Pelosi’s bluff, WSJ’s vaccine plea

Wednesday was a busy day on the blog with the give and take over the SOTU and then BuzzFeed came out late with news of 250 layoffs.

I suggested the President give the speech in front of the wall, but he came out Wednesday evening and said he would wait for the shutdown to end and give the speech in the House chamber.

While the wall optics would play to his base, the White House figures that the backdrop would take away from the import of the SOTU. However, I don’t think many leftists will give the President anymore impact despite locale.

Changing topics for this post.

The Wall Street Journal came out Thursday with a breathless story on measles outbreaks due to people opting out of vaccines.

While this fact is not mentioned in the article, today in the US babies by age of two years receive as many as 24 vaccine injections. Some may receive up to five shots during one visit to the doctor.

I have been really leery of vaccines since my young child was hospitalized for a week with no diagnosis at the end after getting MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine shots.

There is debate over the value of vaccines and its drawbacks.You and I can find that debate on the Internet, but I always use the axiom of follow the money.

My mind was changed when I discovered that if you have a child injured by a vaccine, then you need to file a claim with the Office of Special Masters of the US Court of Federal Claims, which is a secret, non-jury court in Washington DC. You cannot bring a civil suit to a public state or federal court near your home to seek redress.

So I believe if everything was on the up-and-up, why does a secret court adjudicate vaccine problems? Give us a suitable answer to that before blaming citizens for questioning big pharma.

Donna Brazile’s bizarre tweet on Trump’s and Pence’s health

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. holiday everyone.

What exactly did this tweet mean by former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile on Friday afternoon:

This tweet came soon after President Trump canceled Pelosi’s oversea trip over the use of government planes during the shutdown.

President Pelosi in this context sounds very imminent.

Now of course Pelosi as Speaker of the House is second in line after Vice President Mike Pence to succeed the president, which is certainly more shortly than waiting until 2020. But Pelosi has not and probably will not run for that office. She is now 78 years old and has a very comfortable life.

So again I ask, what was Brazile talking about? She is very politically suave and would not make that remark in jest as a response to President Trump’s grounding of Pelosi’s jet.

Scrolling through the comments an overarching theme conveyed that perhaps the Secret Service should have a chat with Ms. Brazile.

Will Ginsberg news trump President’s border wall announcement? We’ll see

I’m going out on a limb in today’s post with what Dr. Joseph P. Farrell calls high-octane speculation.

Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death will be announced this afternoon at roughly 3:14 pm EST.

How do I know? I putting two separate items together. The 2647 drop from Saturday and that the President will address the nation on border security this evening at 9 pm.

Like the important Dec. 5, 2018 Congressional hearings that had to be canceled due to the death of President George H W Bush, the death of Ginsberg will make the President delay his speech or at least overshadow it in the news.

I don’t feel comfortably making this prediction, but I feel it will come true in the pit of my stomach. So let’s leave it here for now and see if it plays out later today.