Madoff didn't think he would hurt anyone

Bernie Madoff speaks.

Eugene Soltes, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, who chronicled white-collar crime in his book, “Why They Did It,” has release a small snippet of the audio he had recorded with the jailed Ponzi schemer.

“You start out, at least in my part, not exactly sure what I wanted to do in life, other than being a success,” Madoff tells the author.

I built my confidence up to a level where I, sort of, felt that — you know — there was nothing I couldn’t attain,” the jailed wealth management fraudster said from his Butner, North Carolina federal prison.

Soltes says he would speak with Madoff every Wednesday evening at 7PM over the course of years.
“He’s brilliant, he’s cordial, in many ways very friendly,” Soltes says of his time with the man who ran the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

“I, sort of, rationalized that what I was doing was Ok, you know,” Madoff says of his multibillion dollar fraud.

“I wasn’t going to hurt anybody. It was a temporary thing and because of the success I that I’ve had and the money I’ve made for people, I sort of felt, it was just,” Madoff boasts.

Despite saying he wasn’t going to hurt anyone the financial ruin Madoff brought to hundreds of investors and his own son Mark hanged himself two years after the scheme was uncovered.


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