Trump: New chairman of the board

Let’s look at the differences between a CEO and the President Of The United States.

President-elect Trump has been criticized for not wanting to take daily briefings from intelligence agencies and delegating other tasks to Cabinet Secretaries.

A CEO running a business doesn’t take multiple daily meetings, they set direction and let others take the lead.

TrumpĀ is not a president who has only been in the public sector his whole life, never generating a profit or a job for anyone else.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence will be the day-to-day executive running operations. This position equates to President in business. Pence will take the meetings and consult with Trump on direction.

This is the effective way businesses run. Someone needs to be looking out at the long-term view and not get bogged down in minutiae.

Each Cabinet position will be treated like a silo in a multi-national conglomerate. They secretaries will have P&L over their operations and report to Trump for direction and Pence for sometime daily meetings based on demand.

This White House will be very different from the Obama administration. Much more self-directed with little to none public comments. It will do, It will act and it will have little comment for the press.

That’s the nature of business. Look at the results.

I believe this will be refreshing breath of air.


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