Dead banker's wife charged with leaking emails

After posting Thursday about an ex-Deutsche banker’s suicide in Manhattan, I received a message from Antonella Tognazzi, the widow of David Rossi.

Rossi was the communications director of Monte Paschi Bank in Siena, Italy at the time of his death and was featured in my video on the rash of banker “suicides” back in 2012-2013. Rossi’s death is still being probed by Italian authorities.

However, as I learned last night, Tognazzi and an Italian journalist have been charged with a crime for leaking e-mails that David sent and received just prior to his death.

In pleading her case that her husband did not commit suicide Tognazzi had e-mails, which this reporter knew about, stating that her husband feared for his life and wanted protection from the state.

Rossi was going to blow the whistle on the whole corrupt mess that was the acquisition of Banca Antonveneta by Monte Paschi.

His testimony would have included the fact that Deutsche Bank and Nomura Bank were complicit with the fraud of dressing up Monte Paschi’s books through phony derivative holdings to make the bank’s books look better than they were.

All these banking fraud charges are being tried in Italian criminal courts now as Monte Paschi teeters on the brink of bankruptcy after completing the bogus deal and needed a government bailout to remain open.

How this Italian court in Siena would rather go after the widow pleading her case for justice in her husband;s death is beyond me, but as I wrote to her last night: Justice will prevail, hopefully.


1 thought on “Dead banker's wife charged with leaking emails

  1. I wish to send you an email about a case in India on me by Deutsche bank, where Anshu Jain has used telepathy and HYPNOSIS holding a conference of bankers and sundry to influence the outcome of the trial against me.
    Please reply with your email


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