Who is the real power over our energy?

How will Washington and Wall Street dictate the future of technology?

From robots to self-driving cars, these emerging automation will be coming because of the money that is behind these futuristic tools.

Self-driving cars — although it’s the antithesis to the America’s love affair with the car — will be pushed ahead by the insurance companies through reduced rates or better yet prohibitive rates for drivers.

The employment of robots will not only be exempt from taxes and fees but may get subsidies from the feds to usher in wide adoption of robots, much the same way as Internet retail was regulated to be tax-free to level the existing playing field.

While Washington and Wall will push these technologies, there are perhaps others that will be surpassed by these same entities due to money behind the existing programs.

Let’s look at alternative power that is anything other than electric. The US is so dependent on the dollar being used as the reserve currency for crude purchases, there is no way an alternative could be deployed.

If you look at the number of wars and foreign entanglements the US has engaged in since it went off the gold standard in 1971, you get the idea of why oil will never be replaced despite plenty of development in alternatives from zero-point to over-unity machines.

Just look at the Arab gas embargo that occurred right after the US came off the gold standard and there were long lines at every gas station in the US and you only could get gas every other day. That was the beginning of the petrodollar hegemony.

So why is electric ok? Well it uses crude for most of its energy source, so it’s the ecology-light alternative. You are putting the emissions further away from you at the power plant versus your driveway.

If you are interested in these alternative energies look up zero-point energy and over-unity machines. And these are small leaps compared to what may be totally surpassed by black projects within the federal government.

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