CVS/Aetna $66B deal to combat ObamaCare, Amazon

All you need to know about the health care and medical insurance in the US can be summed up in the pending merger of CVS and Aetna for $66 billion.Between the disaster that is ObamaCare and the pending competition from Amazon are the two driving forces behind this pending vertical marriage.

Aetna’s corporate health care plans would funnel its clients to the local CVS for not just prescriptions, but also its future walk-in clinics, which would provide far more than flu shots.

These state-of-the-art clinics would be a hybrid between hospital emergency room and your doctor;s office. Providing quicker, cleaner with instant diagnoses that can then feed a CVS/Aetna hospital partner if needed.

This business model would be solely integrated through Aetna’s insured corporate clients, so uninsured or insured by outside providers may be excluded from the service. Cutting down on uninsured or government-insured patients.

This vertical integration would combat Jeff Bezos’s entry into prescription refills through Amazon’s Prime service. The thought was that Bezos was going to buy the roughly 800 remaining Rite-Aid stores not bought by Walgreens earlier this year. Walgreens paid $4.4 billion for 1,932 stores.

The Rire-Aid purchase would give Amazon the legal right to dispense drugs in different states, which regulate prescription services.

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