NFL facing Veteran’s Day weekend blitz

As if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t have enough on his plate, the league is facing yet another boycott.

This one centers around season-ticket holders as well as viewers.A Facebook group called “Boycott The NFL” is asking ticket holders to stay home this weekend and viewers to tune out the league’s games this Veteran Days weekend.

I wrote about the #emptyseats hashtag as people posting photos on Twitter of vacant seats at the NFL games.

Here in New York both the Giants and Jets are on the road for their Sunday games.

The group said it won’t be watching because “football players have continued to disrespect the national anthem, the American flag, and everything our nation stands for.”

“Boycott the NFL,” which had 220,000 followers going into the weekend, added that its members plan to resist couch-potato Sundays as long “millionaire football players” protest the National Anthem.

“We love football,” it explained on its Facebook page, “but we love our flag more.”

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