Las Vegas shooter’s autopsy controversy

I stumbled across a story by Thomas Michael on Monday speaking about the Las Vegas shooting at Mandalay Bay hotel.

The shooter Stephen Paddock’s autopsy results were released by the local authorities on Friday February 9, 2018, late in the afternoon. As I have written in the past, Friday afternoons are the best time to release information you do not wish to have wide news coverage.

The autopsy stated that Paddock died at noon the day after the shooting. The noon time of death goes against all the narratives given by law officers of the shooting.

The latest timeline of the shooting by County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo had local police taking Paddock down moments after the shooting stopped. The crime photos allegedly showed him dead in the hotel room with spent shells around the body in a pool of blood.

Here’s where it gets strange. The Associated Press released a story that Friday evening with the PDF of the autopsy attached to the story. Shortly after it hit the wires (to use an old newspaperman’s parlance) the PDF link was stripped off the story.

So when the media picked up the story the only angle they had to go with was the toxicology report which stated that he had anti-anxiety drugs in his system.

Thomas has an image of the first page of the autopsy with the time of death highlighted, however a link in the story to the entire report is dead and goes nowhere.

I have a message into Thomas to send me the report but that has gone unanswered at this time.

Markets soared Monday as the Dow posted a 410-point rally as the futures yesterday greased the rails to take stocks higher and bond yields lower.

At 4am New York time, Dow futures were down 300 points, at 8am NY the e-minis had improved to minus 100 points and moving higher.

The VIX is creeping higher but still below the 30 point level as the US dollar is weaker, setting up a positive track for US indices despite European sell off.

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