Gold, bitcoin loving the sturm und drang of markets

Before you could figure out how the market would react this morning to flat retail sales for the holiday quarter, Dow futures were up bigly on Wednesday.

Then before you could look up the definition of inflation this morning, the market was down “bigerly” on the Consumer Price Index report.

Luckily before you could figure out your password for your 401(k) account in order to move all your funds to a money-market account stocks turned around again.

Do yourself a favor. Put the password in a safe spot near your computer. Because the next time the market may not turn around as quickly.

All this drama in the markets centers on the dollar. Weakness stocks soar strengthening and markets tank.

At this stage I doubt anyone is still playing with the VIX index or any of its offspring, since it is now below 20 again.

Two commodities that are liking the current environment: Gold up 1.5% and bitcoin up 9.5%.

This could portend what markets will be doing for the next two weeks.

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