The Fed’s $14B bazooka bailed out stocks three weeks ago

Earlier this month, on the morning of Feb. 7th, I wrote about their being something rotten in the markets.

The day prior the Dow Jones index moved 1,167 points intraday. I wrote at the time the Plunge Protection Team’s fingerprints were all over the move.

Well, new information from the Federal Reserve (below) shows that as Janet Yellen was walking out the door and Jerome Powell was first pulling into his parking spot, the Fed’s balance sheet grew $14 billion for that week.

The data shows that the The Working Group on Financial Markets, which was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 and nicknamed the Plunge Protection Team, needed plenty of ammo to turn the markets around.

The pre-market crash started on Friday as the volatility index soared from a level of 10 to over 50 as large hedge funds and other institutional investors were caught in a squeeze on their short bets on VIX index.

So what does roughly $14 billion get you in the futures market?

On that Tuesday morning the Dow futures were down 540 points just before the opening of trading. By 10:30 am the Dow index was miraculously down 3 points. The index closed the day up 567 points.

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