More evidence of feds break in at Trump Tower fire

More evidence has come to light on Monday’s post concerning the fire at Trump Tower and it being used as a cover to break in to the President’s home there.

While the fire raged on the 45th floor last Saturday, federal authorities went to the President’s residence under the guise of making sure all was well and that the residence was vacant.“They broke in,” one source said. “They had no reason to enter the vacant home.”

Trump Tower always has a small contingency of Secret Service agents when the president is out-of-town. However my source says this was a larger detail than that.

My source points to the “firing” of homeland security adviser, Tom Bossert on Monday as the beginning of the fall out from this event.

The tip-off, my source says, is that none of the other occupants of the building were informed of the fire in order to reduce traffic and the possible discovery of the operation against Trump.

My source cites a NY Times article on the fire, which included this:

Dennis Shields, a resident who said he lived on the 42nd floor, described the scene.

“You could smell the smoke and you could hear things falling like through the vents,” he said. “It just smelled like sulfur.”

He said there were no orders to evacuate but he received a text message from Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael D. Cohen.

Mr. Shields, who said he grew up with Mr. Cohen, continued: “He said, ‘Are you in the building?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘You better get out ASAP.’ That’s how I knew to get out, otherwise I’d still be in there.”

I asked if there was a connection between the break in and the federal officers seizure of files from Cohen office on Monday and all my source would say was , “the timing is curious.”

This was the second fire at Trump Tower this year, which is very odd as well for any luxury high-rise in Manhattan. Not to mention one that has federal agents watching it 24/7.

The FDNY is still investigating the cause of the fire where one person died and several firefighters were injured battling the blaze.

I’m sure there is more to come on this.

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