Left can’t control Kanye, so they will tear him down again

So yesterday I wrote about Kayne West and his backing Candace Owens and his Trump supporting renewal.

Well how do people on the left counter this move to inform African-Americans that the Democrats have been using the community every two years without any real positive change coming their way.So on Tuesday three stories come out to diffuse or dilute Kayne tweets.

  1. Kim Kardashian West releases a nude photograph taken by her husband.
  2. Reports come out that Kayne, who had to cancel 21 concerts in 2016 did not have a nervous breakdown, but was hospitalized due to opioid addiction.
  3. Kanye’s troubled again according to people close to him and that’s why he has fired his manager Scooter Braun.

All these stories came out soon after Kayne came out over the weekend backing African-American conservative writer Owens, who tweeted:

“Far right? Allow me to clarify: I believe the black community can do it without hand-outs. I believe the Democrats have strapped us to our past to prevent us from our futures. And I won’t stop fighting until all black Americans see that.
I’m not far right—I’m free.”

Kayne replied to the tweet: “Love the way Candace Owens thinks.”

And then the program to belittle the singer-songwriter and marginalize him within the African-American community began again. Remember his 2016 “breakdown” and his long absence from Twitter began after he showed up at Trump Tower to congratulate the newly elected president.

Yeez, you just can’t make this stuff up.

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