No merit badge for the BOY Scouts

When I was 10-years-old my Catholic elementary school brought in new English textbooks, which used a different method of teaching grammar. I never caught on to it because I could not understand the way they were teaching it.

I eventually learned proper grammar in high school, but I felt cheated that I was behind the others in my classes, who had a more traditional way of learning grammar.Fast forward to today, the Boy Scouts of America are dropping the boy and calling themselves Scouts BSA — where the B stands for nothing.

(Full disclosure I was a cub scout and had a den mother. I then became a Boy Scout with men leading the pack.)

This is another decision by adults that affect kids in untold ways to change an agenda that has worked through history.

Boy Scouts of America (the parent organization will keep its name) has 2.3 million members, down from 2.6 million five years ago. At its peak, Boy Scout of America had more than 4 million participants.

Why is it wrong in this country for boys to be boys and conversely girls to be girls.

Why are the social justice warriors — who make up a minute portion of America — allowed to apply pressure to organizations to disintegrate the differences between genders?

It’s not enough to allow a very small minority of girls (by their choice) into the boy scouts. No, nowadays gender identification is bad. One of the most important traits we have as  humans, our gender traits — hunters vs gathers — which brought civilization out of Africa is no longer useful.

The issue is so bazaar, but its moving rapidly forward. It’s certainly engendered (see what I did there) or fomented from very small pockets of this country where Democratic Socialist live.

These areas of America are the same precincts that voted blue in the 2016 presidential election. However they are the privileged segment of that political party. The salon-types who have to fill their day between expensive lunches and dinner parties.

Look we allow women in the military, but i would venture by the enlistment numbers that 99% of women do not wish to be in the military. If we have a draft will there be equal numbers of woman drafted as men?

Of course not. So when push comes to shove — there is gender identity as well there should be.

We have made great strides as a civilization with both men and women contributing mightily, because each brought their genders unique qualities to the table to accomplish the task at hand. Why would we want to move away from that to a paradigm.

Let me finish by saying I am for inclusion, but I am not for the exclusion of what makes us human.

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