When Harry met Meghan, they should have eloped

I will never understand the British. The people have no problem with the government  spending tens of millions of pounds on security for the royal weeding of a prince that more than likely will never sit on the throne.

The fascination with the crown — and all it doesn’t mean anymore as far as governing goes — surely sends me for a loop.I assume any Brit could say the same thing about us Americans and our devotion to all things Kardashian/Jenner. But I’m not in that camp either.

How is it that thousands of British citizens (and a healthy dose of Americans) will line the streets of London to get a look at this real-life fairy tale as a carriage carries the prince or princess (not sure who will be in it) to the cathedral for the weeding?

I’m not even considering the hundreds of millions globally who will view the pomp and circumstance on television. I guess it’s an innocent distraction from their lives that will draw them in.

Listen, I wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all the happiness, but fairy tales are for kids and they generally don’t end well for the woman. See Princess Diana.

1 thought on “When Harry met Meghan, they should have eloped

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