No star-studded coverage of the 20 military veteran suicides each day

On Friday I tweeted the following:

I love how Twittersphere is recounting their own bouts of depression over two tragic suicides within a few days. But what about our military veterans? One of them kills himself or herself (very rare) every 65 minutes. That’s 20 a day, everyday.

The reaction of Likes and Retweets was off the charts, I felt at the time and still do that this is something that America should know and deeply care about.

To memorialize a fashion designer, who is mixed up in some horrendous allegations soon to come to light and takes her own life, which generates this false mourning by women who bought her handbag, is so trivial when compared to the 1,000s of military vets left by the side of the road by their country.

These men and women gave of themselves so we can canonize a chef with a knack for spinning yarns about international cuisine.

Sure I get the surprise angle of the deaths and the instant reaction, but hours and days later of the same claptrap is so mind-numbing and superficial it shows the shallowness of our society.

It just appears last week’s reaction to these suicides — here in NYC anyway — that we may have lost our way and I wanted the above tweet to try to bring some prospective to these two “random” acts of violence.

Just for anyone questioning the tweet, the number comes from a Department of Veteran Affairs study for 2016. The latest data available.


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