Hey Jeff Zucker, AT&T calling

On Wednesday I wrote about Noah Oppenheim, the current NBC news chief, as the industry scuttlebutt about an explosive expose coming out centering around the Matt Lauer sexcapades.

Soon after the post, word began circulating about CNN’s news chief Jeff Zucker. Zucker you’ll recall ran NBC News until Comcast Communications bought NBC in 2010. He was replaced by Steve Burke after submitting his resignation.

Zucker announced last month that he was taking a 5-week leave to address a ten-year-old heart problem. Many in the news industry were shocked to hear that Zucker actually had a heart.

While Zucker has suffered with recurring colon cancer and the complications from having most of his bowls removed, there has never been much written about any heart problems.

So is this an elaborate ruse to allow Zucker an excuse to step away from flagging CNN ratings by new owners AT&T?

Has CEO Randall Stephenson told Zucker his anti-Trump newscasts are no longer welcome in a new CNN and he should take this medical excuse carrot or be outright fired?

I believe that is what is at play here. Could it be that mainstream news will have a very different look as the mid-term elections approach?

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