Kavanaugh confirmation should come to a vote

Friday brings us nothing new in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation that we did not already know.

Christine Blasey Ford gave a passionate recollection of the events as she remembers them, however there is no new information and no collaboration from her life-long friend who was with her at the said party some 36 years ago.

Leland Keyser does not recall anything out of the ordinary at the party and also has stated she does not even remember meeting Kavanaugh.

In his defense Justice-to-be Kavanaugh gave a passionate speech calling this last-minute witch hunt a “national disgrace”. While being baited to accept an eighth FBI probe, Kavanaugh said he has answered more questions than the last three SCOTUS nominees combined.

it’s time to give him a Senate vote, since he has a job to do on the first Monday in October.

And the country needs to see how devious the Democrats were during the last presidential election concocting the Russian Dossier against the Trump campaign and that can only happen with the release of the FISA documents.

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