FISA justice can’t be served until Kavanaugh’s fate is done

So the ongoing high school homecoming queens lining up to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of improper teenage behavior has delayed once again the release of FISA documents.

I can see why the the White House would not want to fight a two-front war with Congress, however the Democrats cannot delay this vote until the midterms. The Dems are hoping to put up enough smoke so the President pulls the Kavanaugh nomination.

Either way the FISA documents will come out well before the election and show the American people the duplicity of the Obama administration with the Clinton campaign to spy on a presidential campaign and a President-elect.

As President Trump said last night he will put off the planned meeting with Asst Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that is scheduled for Thursday. The two will probably never meet again in their present positions.

Let’s see if Kavanaugh’s vote can get done this week so we can move on to the real justice to be served by releasing the FISA documents.

1 thought on “FISA justice can’t be served until Kavanaugh’s fate is done

  1. Very depressed about this carry-on.

    I’d rather have Trump become a full blown dictator for 2 years, round them all up, process them and walk away from it, than watch it all fall apart because he’s trying to be hundreds of times more fair than they are.

    If it does all fall apart, it will be back to 1776 and a nightmare. Someone should voice the options and put the crooks on the back foot. What’s best for the country. A surgical round up or a full blown civil war?

    Although, I don’t fancy the patriots chances in a civil war if the government is a globalist government. Imagine the air strikes, electronic weapons and biological and all sorts. The right to keep and bear arms will look pretty pale by comparison.


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