Feinstein now worried about Kavanaugh’s FBI probe

Sen. Dianne Feinstein sent a letter to White House counsel Don McGahn and FBI director Christopher Wray on Sunday requesting the Trump directive to the FBI on the scope of the SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s probe.

Reports say Feinstein was requesting the presidential directive to see how limited it was as to who would be interviewed and who would not.

I look at the request from the standpoint that Feinstein needs to know how broad this probe could be. Has the FBI been tasked with finding out who leaked Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s name to the press? Did Senate members calculate that Ford’s story was not strong enough to bring it to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee during the hearings, but leaked it out before the vote to stall the confirmation process?

Feinstein’s office had the original letter from Ford in July saying Kavanaugh assaulted her, but did nothing until late September when Ford’s charges were leaked to the press.

In her letter Feinstein asks:

“Given the seriousness of the allegations before the Senate, I am writing to request that you provide the Senate Judiciary Committee with a copy of the written directive sent by the White House to the FBI.”

And here’s the real reason for the information request by the California Democrat:

“In addition, if the FBI requests any expansion beyond the initial directive, please provide the names of any additional witnesses or evidence.”

The Democrats do not want to see a broader probe into how Ford’s name became public and who were compliant in that leak. Judiciary Committee chief Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley certainly does want to have a wider scope on the probe given past actions by the Democrats.

It is very similar to the FISA warrant in respects to the playbook. The FISA court turned down the first request to spy on Carter Page. FBI sycophants leaked information to the press in regards to the accusations. Brought those published pieces to the court in a second application for a warrant, and the FISA court granted the application.

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