Sunday morning view of the midterms

================ SPECIAL SUNDAY MIDTERM COVERAGE ================

So what is at stake on Tuesday? That really depends on where you live.

Here in New York, if you are a Republican, then it’s a vote of defiance. However, equally as important is casting that ballot. Early results in the eastern US can affect results in the rest of the country since the polls close here with plenty of time to vote out west.

While the midterm adage that America loves divided government will not play out this election cycle, due to the incumbent candidate winning 95% of the time.

From where I sit Sunday morning, I do not believe the Democrats will win the House. I make that call from the talking points being used by the Left that 85% chance of winning the House. Their calls that they will take 20 seats is pure fantasy.

I equate this rhetoric — since its given by the same source Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight — to saying Hillary Clinton had a 97% chance of being elected President in 2016 by the pundits.

Given all that noise by the Left and its partisan media outlets, I can’t believe this is even being considered a close race given the current climate.

On the economic side, it’s clear through GDP, the unemployment rate and growing wages paid that America is growing again, despite the Federal Reserve tamping down growth through its rate policy over fears of inflation. The Democrats have no answers for what their economic model looks like. rescinding the tax cuts through new taxes to fund bigger government are only words I have heard.

On the political side, what the democratic leadership in Congress did to Justice Brett Kavanaugh reputation should have relegated the party to the same influence as the Green Party. So despicable was their actions throughout the fiasco and the subsequent Senate actions of charging “witnesses” with perjury by making false accusations.

How I see it playing out: the Democrats will win their existing seats by a larger margin as voters in the darker blue states will come out in bigger numbers to vote.

However, in states where purple moves to deep red, which covers most of the country as measured by the 2016 election, the Republicans will retain control.

By the time Wednesday morning arrives, the Senate will probably have a greater Republican majority and the House will have a line up of 239 Republicans and 202 Democrats, which means a gain of 5 seats.


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